Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Up Into Space We Go

Hello Fellow Crafters and Noobs,

Today we will be talking about Space Engineers. If you haven't heard of this this game it's a lot of fun. My only compliant about it is that it can be slow and lag your computer when you build bigger ships or go onto steam and find a huge build like this one  in the picture bellow .

There are quite a few builds and mods available from a huge range of space based sci-fi and even real NASA, ESA, and Russian projects. Keep in mind this game is basically still somewhat new, so look for regular updates every Tuesday, including new features and mods being added.

Your also probably wondering about the price tag on this game, well it usually sells for $25.00 on Steam but sometimes it goes on sale. I got my copy via Humble Bundle for $9, about a month ago, and I have seen the game on Humble Bundle a few times previous. If your unfamiliar with Humble Bundle its a service where you can buy games, ebooks, and occasionally downloadable music and movies at a discounted price. The best part of Humble Bundle is that a portion of the money you spend on these items money goes to a number of charities including children's, poverty and cancer charity's, like St. Judes, UNICEF, and Child's Play.

As far as game play it can be slow and lagy on certain computers (like mine) but it is a spectacular looking and playing gaming. Like our beloved Minecraft it has both creative and survival modes, and plenty of room to let your imagination run wild.  The survival mode lets you tackle the problems of living and building in space like managing the resources you need  and energy to work, especially hydrogen for your jet pack. I found this to be a really nice touch since it hits home the reality of what it would be like to work in space. 

The creative mode lets you do whatever you want much like in Minecraft, but with the added bonus of having fun with mods. As previously mentioned there are a huge number of mods including Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Warhammer, Halo, and many more. To me this is one of the best parts of the game.

Mine you later block heads!!!!!!

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